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Here we go! The JuniorSeniorLady is starting the blog with a picture with the pirates in Las Vegas. I am writing this blog to tell everyone about my life in Las Vegas and what a retired lady does cheaply in Las Vegas.

I have lived in Las Vegas since 1971, so I know where practically everything in town is located. I am fortunate to live in the northwest part of town called, Lone Mountain. I have a view of the western side of the mountain from my back patio. I often see climbers on the mountain. The mountain blocks most of the city lights and on a clear evening the stars are very bright over my home.

Las Vegas is happy hour city for the locals. I often meet my friends at one of the many restaurants. The secret is to order water with lemon to drink and a great appetizer and you can have a meal for under ten dollars. Viva Brazil located near the Rampart and Charleston serves a wonderful lettuce wedge with bacon and feta cheese for under five dollars. Brio with two locations in town, one at Town Square near Las Vegas Blvd and the 215 and the other at Tivoli Village near Alta and Rampart has several great appetizers at $3.95 (I especially like the marguerite pizza.)

Okay so maybe happy hours are not exactly your cup of wine. Las Vegas has lots of places to go hiking. In the winter, Red Rock Canyon is great but often too hot in the summer. In the summer, Mt. Charleston is the place to be lots of trees, cool temperatures, steep climbs, and scenic overlook. Unless a forest fire should occur at Mt. Charleston, which it did this year. In all my years in Las Vegas, I have never seen so much smoke. This year was the first time I did not live up in the northwest. My whole neighborhood was filled with smoke with enormous clouds of dark black smoke. The sunsets were amazing. I have not seen the sun that fiery red. Through the smoke and heat radiated the sun a bright orange.

What I have learned by writing this is each post should stay with one subject. I need to take more pictures to illustrate what I mean.

Just Shari, the Junior Senior Lady


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