The Babies are on the Blog

Lindas baby quilt

Hello everyone: This is a picture of the baby quilt I made for my golfing buddy, Linda. Linda is such a great person and a fabulous golfer. She and her wonderful husband, Guy, are so excited about their new baby boy who is due to be born in about four weeks. Linda is from Edmonton, Canada like my mother was. I am sure my mother would have been very proud to meet Linda. Anyhow she had a fabulous shower at our friend, Charmaine’s house. Linda’s sister, Erin, treated us with Nanaimo bars from Canada. (I can only describe them a brownie-fudgy bars with a heavenly filling.) As you can see the baby quilt was my gift to her. I had this baby fabric in my stash, but like any great quilter I had to shop and add fabric to the collection. This was the first time I designed the block myself. However, the block got a little large. It soon became a 20 inch block. I was going to use nine blocks in the design but I think I might have been making a double quilt which is too big for a baby.

I also built a motorcycle diaper cake for the shower. I did not have to bake the cake. I had to roll up diapers to make the wheels. The rest was easy. The directions were found on u-tube. sep 2013 053

Between actually seeing a pictures of things, I have made on the blog and then visiting other blogs. I will keep on trying to be a blogger.

Just Shari, The Junior Senior Lady


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